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Only a superior medical billing service can deliver an increase

in revenue for a healthcare practice in virtually any specialty

That  medical billing service must:


  1. Know all of the complexities of billing correctly for specific medical specialties

  2. Apply a system that ensures money and reports are delivered on time every time

  3. Have customer-service personnel accessible when you need them

  4. Practice rigorous hiring standards

  5. Employ sound management practices that ensure maximum efficiency and due diligence

  6. Be able to answer detailed questions about billing to your specialty

  7. Demonstrate that your billing will always be documented and coded correctly

  8. Offer the ability for clients to go online to ensure that their billing has gone out in a timely manner

  9. Review the billing contract line by line with customers to ensure complete understanding




Billing Service for Complex Medical Care provides the highest quality practice management services, regardless of which state your practice is located.


We are continually updating to remain current on regulatory changes in reimbursement, especially for Medicare, Medicaid and Worker's Compensation carriers. Our collections team takes advantage of every collection possibility available within the scope of government regulations.


BSCM realizes that no two practices are exactly alike. We provide a customized medical billing plan for your particular practice.


The bottom line is that we are the most effective medical insurance collector.




Before we begin billing for your office, Billing Service for Complex Medical Care will conduct an assessment of your practice. We will determine the strengths and weaknesses of your current situation and strategize how to turn the weaknesses into future strengths.


BSCM will guide you through all of the decision-making for the future of your practice and help establish new contracts with various healthcare plans.


We take care of all your needs to ensure that you maintain a financially viable practice. In this way, we free our clients to do what they do best - provide patient care.




Our Comprehensive Compliance Program mitigates the impact of government regulations, including HIPAA or other third-party scrutiny of Anesthesia, Pain Management, Blood Services, facility receivable operations and all specialties.


Our program includes, but is not limited to, guiding physicians, surgeons, CRNAs and surgical facilities, as well as our employees, on an ongoing basis.




Contracting with Billing Service for Complex Medical Care for your practice's billing needs allows you to provide the highest level of service to your patients.


We can deliver a financial snapshot of your pratice at any given time by running a variety of customized online reports. This allows you to have more control over your practice.


These online reports include: Daily Charge Reports, Weekly Practice Income Reports, Monthly AR Reports, Patient Count Reports, Yearly Financial Reports, Patient Statements, Practice Analysis Reports, Monthly Aging Reports, Quarterly Financial Reports, Quarterly MIBA Reports.


You can conveniently print these reports and patient statements directly from our secure web server at any time from anywhere. 

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